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As we celebrate Palm Sunday I want to talk to you about Jesus Who rode triumphantly into Jerusalem – Who was greeted with a loud voice of the mighty works that the people had seen. Saying, Blessed be the king that comes in the name of The Lord: peace in heaven, and glory in the highest. The people saw the blind see, the lame walk, Lazarus has just been raised from the dead. They were all rejoicing at His entrance into Jerusalem.

Luke 19:37 – Then, as Jesus  was now drawing near the slope of the Mount of Olives,  the whole multitude of the disciples began to rejoice and praise God with a loud voice for all the mighty works they had seen,

The title of my message today is – Recipe for your Miracle.

Anything dead in you and around you shall live again – believeth thou this? Romans 4:17 … the God who gives life to the dead and calls into being what does not yet exist – shall give you a new life today. Amen.

The word of God says if you believe and keep believing in Jesus, though the things in you and around you are dead – they shall live again.

One error of thought from the enemy can keep you bound for life. That is why most people are on the path of no return because they believed a lie of the devil from the media and associations. For example, some people will say I don’t believe it is God’s will to heal me and yet they see the doctor or go to the hospital for their healing, which means they are disobedient to God. You need radical faith or stubborn faith like Abraham – What do I mean by that? When God gives a promise – it must come to pass, it is guaranteed to happen. But the fulfillment of God’s promises is up to us. God leaves that to us. Let me explain. God doesn’t come to your home or environment or town if He is not invited. You are saved because you invited God into your life. That is why the bible says to ask in prayer to receive. Prayer is the vehicle by which God comes to into your life, your situation or home, town or city or nation.

You can have resurrection in your dead situations because Jesus is alive.

You must have radical faith regardless of what Doctors have said, or your boss, or what people have said, you must believe the report of God, you must hold on to the word of promise from God, don’t let the word depart from your mouth, you maintain your faith by agreeing with God and saying exactly what God has said to you.

Key: your radical faith will make Jesus STAND STILL for your miracle.

Now you have the recipe for your miracle – go and try it and share your miracle on our website or via Facebook.