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There is something new and exciting happening in Bear, Delaware.

We are a new church that Jesus is building. A church dedicated to displaying God’s Love and Grace and being a touchstone of love and support for our members, guests, and all who come in contact with us.

These are pivotal and troubling times we live in. It’s not a time to be sitting on the bench, burying your talents. We have opportunities to serve in everything from worship, Sunday school, media, hospitality to building maintenance. We are committed to helping every believer grow to their full potential. Using your gifts is one way to advance your spiritual growth.

We envision a place you can hang out with Jesus and His friends. A place of lifting and not tearing down. A place of love and compassion. A place for all nations to gather and worship God. A place for old and young. It is a place to teach children to grow in Christ and escape the world of sin and death. A place the youth can strive to be useful citizens in this world and in the kingdom of God. A place you are loved and accepted for who you are.

We don’t look at people as the outward man does, but through the eyes of what you are/can become in Christ. A hand up, not a finger pointing to judge and condemn. You are loved the minute you walk through the door.

The world needs to be reacting to the church. We are a light to the world as a whole. The only way we can fulfill that mandate is by reflecting Christ’s love, grace, and mercy in our daily life. Come and join us so that our lights shine together to show a world living in darkness the light of God.